Will there be any leftover granite?
There is always a percentage of waste when fabricating your granite tops from slabs. There is usually very little granite left over. If there is some leftover we will be glad to discuss your options for purchasing the rest of the stone to put use elsewhere in your home or business. We only charge you for what we fabricate for you. Cut-outs and drops from cook top and sink openings are not usable.
Can I cut or slice food on granite?
Granite tops will be the hardest surface in your home. It is harder than steel so cutting on the stone will dull your knives. While it is very difficult to scratch the surface of granite, under severe abuse they can be damaged. Therefore, it is recommended that you use cutting boards on the stone.
Can granite crack?
Once granite is properly installed, it will give you decades of unblemished beauty. There are areas, however, that are more susceptible to cracking if abused. Do not sit or stand on sink or cook top or large overhanging areas. Never walk on your counter tops (such as when changing light bulbs or painting).
Will granite stain?
Most granites do not stain. About five percent of granites ought to be sealed if you don’t want them to darken over time. Some granites will darken with water but return to their natural color when they dry. We seal our products before we install them. Please refer to our Care & Cleaning section for more information.
Will my granite look like the sample?
Every piece of stone is unique. It can be difficult to get a sense of what your large area of counter tops will look like if you try to judge from a small piece. We will not cut your tops until you have seen the entire slab and have approved it. We also welcome you whenever possible to see how the tops will lay out on the slabs before we cut them. Be aware that what you see in the slabs will likely end up on your tops somewhere.
Will seams show?
Slabs are limited in size making seams necessary in almost every counter top lay out. Some slabs have a flow or directional pattern that can change at a seam. In order to keep costs down, it is imperative that we make maximum use of each slab. The visibility of seams will vary depending on the coloration of the stone.

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